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Potentially Dangerous

Dec 11, 2019

Iowa’s premier site for youth, high school, college, and international wrestling. Potentially Dangerous Podcast this week is hosted by Ross Bartachek and Lars Underbakke. 

0:00 - Cliff Keen Las Vegas - Northern Iowa and Iowa State takeaways

14:45 - Iowa dual recap with Princeton

24:20 - Keith Young thoughts

30:00 - Independence Invite was bananas 

1:00:00 - Looking ahead to Mt Vernon and CBWC

1:05:45 - New Rankings are coming next weekend

This podcast is sponsored by Big Game Wrestling Club in North Liberty. For more information search Big Game Wrestling on Facebook or @BigGameWR on Twitter and Instagram. You can also email Coach Dylan Carew at

We are also supported by Prime Movement in Iowa City. For more details check out their website and schedule a free consolation today.